Long gone are the days where we use Instagram to snap the food we just ate and upload shameless selfies before a big night out.
The candid snaps are still a focal point of Instagram, but when you’re a business – you’ve gotta be more strategic.

Looking for Instagram Feed Ideas?

Your Instagram feed is the first thing people look at when visiting your profile, and as in life, you want to make a good impression.

As Instagram matures, simply having amazing edited photos isn’t enough: now you have to have a cute feed too! And it’s not as easy as it looks.

Lots of people will tell you that in order to have a consistent look, you need to have all pictures look the same. Now, if this is something you want to do, by all means, go on with your bad self. For example, the account alishylishy focuses on fun colors:


You don’t just have to stop with color, you can shoot whatever you like, and choose a consistent angle. Some popular ones are: from above, from the side, looking up, or holding your camera a specific way. The account onmybed masters the view from above shots.


For example, the account coffeenclothes focuses on just what it says: coffee and clothes. They don’t stray from posting pictures of anything else and this creates a recognizable brand. When you create this recognition people want to follow you and feel inspired by you.

A lifestyle blogger, thelifeinbetween shoots most of her images from above, while keeping a bright and airy feed.

I believe these four ways to create an Instagram theme are the some of the best ways to grow, create an aesthetic, and make your Instagram a place that others actively seek out.

I hope you’ll follow along with my if you aren’t already, gjikovatea.

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