A Place For Spiritual Peace


At an altitude of 1100m, the resort is located in the mountainous Eastern part of Macedonia near the town of Berovo, overlooking a Lake nestled in breathtakingly picturesque canyon of Malesh mountains.

The region, often referred to as Little Switzerland, is amongst the 4 major oxygen corridors that run throughout the Planet, which makes the stay a real blessing and joy in the wealth of the air spa.

Surrounded by the grace and serenity of its 5 hectares of own natural landscape guarantying remarkable views throughout the whole year, the resort has been effortlessly incorporated into the charm and elegance of a modern day “Aurora Resort & Spa” – completely built with local volcanic rocks and rich wood accents. The natural harmony is further enhanced by the solar energy which is used for heating the resort.

Its world-class Spa, state-of-the-art restaurant, exceptional accommodations, tranquil pools, renowned hospitality and service, along with a rich variety of various amenities unrivalled anywhere in the country makes this luxurious yet intimate resort a perfect getaway from the
daily routines.

Its world-class Spa, state-of-the-art restaurant, infinity pool, exceptional natural surroundings, renowned hospitality and service, along with a rich variety of various facilities makes this luxurious yet intimate resort a perfect getaway from the daily routines. In addition to the leisure factor, the modern and large conference hall makes it a suitable premise for organizing various types of meetings, conferences, work groups, presentations and other political, business, regional, national and international events.


An entirely shrouded lake, set in the middle of a dense pine forest, 900 meters above sea level, this place is a bird of another feather. Berovo, offering cold summers and relaxing mountainous scenery will charge your batteries and allow you to explore Macedonian tradition and cuisine in a more steady rhythm. Sunbathing, kayaking, and exploring the forest on either food or bike, this is a heaven for outdoor aficionados.


Located in the eastern part of Macedonia, Berovo is a small town near the Maleshevo Mountains on elevation of roughly 900 metres above sea level. Allowing you to arrive only via asphalt road, this town greats you with the feeling that you are entering an elite natural resort which, if nothing else, is hidden far from the dynamic and stressful modern world.

The road itself is quite scenic, for much of the time it is following the Canyon of Bregalnica River. As you sense the gradual drop in temperature along with continual elevation, your mindset shifts irresistibly away from noise and distraction. Excellent for cycling, this road takes you through rich flora, and is worth visiting by itself.

Having the highest concentration of oxygen in the Balkans though, the area around Berovo is considered to be an air spa. And this, decorated still further by a gorgeous mountain lake surrounded by pine forest, may have to do with Macedonians calling Berovo “little Switzerland”.

Cold temperatures, clean air, the smell of the water mixed with a smell only a pine forest can give in summer, Berovo stands out and begs to be visited in summer as much as you would’ve guessed it is popular in the winter season.

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