Burano & Murano

A Quick Guide to the Most Colorful Town in Europe: Burano, Italy

Burano is an Italian island in the Venetian Lagoon, just northeast of Venice island.  It is known for it’s lace and for having some of the most photogenic canals I have ever laid eyes on.  If you have plans to be in Venice, Burano is the perfect day trip and not to be missed.


Explore and take photos, of course! Burano is quite small, which is why I only recommend visiting for the day. I did not do much if any research into what to do in Burano before going because my goal was simply to roam around and photograph as much as possible.  There are so many different colors to capture and every street seems to be more beautiful than the next.


Most first-time visitors to Venice spend the majority of their time around its (rightfully) famous Saint Mark’s Square. Those with a bit more time in Italy also fit in a visit to Murano, a nearby island. This is the place to go for the famed Venetian glass, where you can watch a glass making demonstration and maybe buy a glass souvenir or two.

A Day Trip to Murano

One of my favorite things to do there was simply walk around and explore. Be sure to have your camera ready as there are plenty of photogenic scenes everywhere you look. We walked up and down the canals and peered into shop windows. While Burano might be famous for its rainbow of houses, Murano is a gorgeous place in its own right. We spent most of our time here wandering around and we stumbled upon some of the prettiest views.

Campo Santo Stefano

We visited this central square and you really should, too. You can’t miss it as its one of the largest squares on the island. There was a gigantic blue glass sculpture flanked by a tall clock tower. The glass work was called “Comet Glass Star” and it was created by the master glass artist, Simone Cenedese. He has his own glass studio and gallery as well. There was a quote beside the work by Cenedese, “There is a part of me in each piece of mine, there are fragments of stars scattered throughout the universe.”

How To Get There

To reach the island, take a vaporetto to the Fondamente Nove stop and transfer to line 12. The boarding area is just beyond the Donà Bridge. The first stop on line 12 is the island of Murano. If you stay on the boat, you’ll eventually reach Burano.

When you visit Venice, set a day aside to travel to Murano and Burano. We spent a couple of hours at each island, which was plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere at our own pace.

Once you are done, head back to Venice the same way you got there!  For more info on what to do in Venice, visit my post on how to spend 2 days in Venice.

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