Lefkada – Summer Trip

Lefkada is the most popular of the pack. It was once attached to the nearby mainland and is close enough to Kefalonia and Ithaki so that you can easily island-hop. Lefkada Town has a refreshing mid-20th century appeal and if you venture off to the remote villages nearby, you’re likely to spot older women decked in traditional dresses.

This untamed Ionian Sea island is so much more than world-famous beaches and windsurfing spots

Lefkada’s connection to the mainland by a long causeway and floating bridge serves as a major travel advantage since you don’t need a boat to reach it. This connection has influenced Lefkada both historically and culturally as the island’s traditions are a fusion of neighboring islands and the regional mainland.

The island’s wild and exotic character on the west side is counterbalanced by a serene east coast filled with delightful bays and islets. In contrast to the cosmopolitan beaches, the mountain villages are rustic and feature shady main squares. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of good food, from fresh fish to frigadeli (skewered liver wrapped in suet); listen to cantathes (traditional Italian-influenced serenades) as well as mainland folk music; discover gorges and deserted monasteries; legendary capes and world-renowned beaches; observe the main town’s unconventional use of corrugated iron as an exterior surface for upper levels of buildings; enjoy festivals and other cultural events; and leave with unique local products.


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